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Friday | 28.10.2016 | 20:41


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Captain's Mode 3.0

There were added time to pick maps for the teams: 450 seconds (7.30 minutes) for each team.

Referee can stop the timer for any team in case of the connection loss of the team captain.

There were added notification for the captains. Now if your opponent had already chosen 2 maps from one class, script won’t let you to ban map from this class because your ban will be useless.

Notification: Team is allowed to pick only 2 maps from one class.

From now on in the case when two teams write /rdy in the chat, map will start automatically, earlier referee was that guy who started the match.

Scoreboard is a little bit modified and now it is placed in the bottom right comer, also u can change the size of this table by your own self (lctrl+u)

Also there were added logotypes in the scoreboard for each race team in MTA.

Team selection button (F2) was changed and now there is no error, when player isn’t able to join the team.
Draft control panel is now possible to open with the combination of buttons lctrl+j.

New soundtrack was added for the draft stage.

There were deleted the voice, which was announcing the doings of team captains during the draft stage. Unfortunately, google voice doesn’t wanna help to create gaming atmosphere and we don’t have replacement for it.

New maps for each class.

Like last year, I have tried to choose maps for each team, for example, in the list there are maps that have been added specifically for CoDEx. This year the total number of maps is 101, on the Captain's Cup in 2015 in the stage of draft there were picked and banned 81 maps, but National Cup 2015 was also held by Captains Mode, where the team took the maps that were not used in the Captain's Cup in 2015, so I think that 101 maps - a well-balanced solution, also this year the last slot in the tournament will be played in public qualifications
From classic category were deleted such maps as Admiral Race, IyonUKs Evil Time Trial 3, LSI, Airport Speedway – Season 4.
They were replaced with following maps: High Noon.
Maps in each class are sorted out according to the alphabet.

All about time innovation in the script.
Captain's Cup - a unique event with a unique and interesting scenarios for the match, it divides the game into two stages, the first stage - the stage of draft, the second stage - the gameplay.
I think that the draft stage is the most important match process, because here the captains and teams compete with each other separately, it is like a little game of chess, and the stage of the pick depends on a lot, you need to think what maps you can ban against each opponent, wherein take into account the huge number of factors: the existence of the players in your roster for certain map, the existence of players in the opponent's team for this map. You can pick your map specifically for strong players, or, contrariwise, for players who know how to play a short list of maps. You can choose maps from one subclass especially against a team that plays really bad this subclass. In short, captain's mode makes a lot of captains think, this year time will harry up you. but is true that the addition of timer will make this tournament mor difficult?

Each team now has totally 450 seconds or 15 minutes on the draft stage. And even if we consider the fact that your opponent can ban and pick all the maps in 3 minutes, you still have your 7:30 + time of your opponent, do not waste your opponent’s time, think over your next selection during this time. The most important thing for the captain - be careful, remember! Draft stage takes place in such order that your team have to make 2 selections in a row, for example, the second team picks map №2, and immediately bans map №3, and the first team picks map №4 and bans map №5, the timer of your team in these moments will not stop, so read the chat that you won’t miss a moment of your ban / pick.
Attention! If your time runs out, and you do not have time to pick map or ban it, all the following maps will be automatically selected in random order! Closing the topic of this innovation, if you think that the addition of the time is a bad idea, remember the draft stage in the final match in the National Cup 2015 (Germany - Poland), which lasted 36 minutes.
Captain’s Cup 2016
Opening of registration - October 31
Closing registration - 8 November
Open qualification - 12 and 13 November (possibly only on November 13)
Main Event - 19-20 November
Views: 92 | Added: GARIK08 | Дата: 05.10.2016

Dear friends! Today our team turns 7 years old. We’ve come a long way. Our racers repeatedly were taking prize places on different competitions, and our team many times pleased our community by tournaments. For 7 years there were a lot of racers in my team, on this image you can see nicknames of players, whose staying ,I think, is very important. Exactly these players were creating team’s history, thanks to some of them team still exists and play in this damned game.
Views: 123 | Added: GARIK08 | Дата: 15.09.2016

Good day, dear friends!
Today I decided to write latest team news.
For now our team is in a list of weakest MTA teams, and we need help, that’s why we invite all active players to our team.
New players joined our team: Sharingan, Bruno_Wilson, Scorpion, KeNwOOD, Demetr1us, Giza, Attacker, Mr.Freak, Madmaus, wish you nice pastime in our team, and ask you to be more active in game in next months. 

Sharingan is now a new leader of team. Congratulations to our brother, wish you not to lose face.
We held our 8th tournament “The Battle Begins”, where 32 teams of 64 players took part. Event was very interesting in terms of battle, and result of some battles was decided by 2 points. From our team were playing: Sharingan + KeNwOOD, Bruno_Wilson + Scorpion, SANTA and Omega. Sharingan and KeNwOOD couldn’t pass first stage of tournament, Bruno_Wilson, Scorpion and SANTA finished on 2nd stage. To be honestly, it is very bad results, but based on our players and inexperience most of them we just need to accept it.
Soon we are going to play a few clan wars.
Views: 93 | Added: GARIK08 | Дата: 11.09.2016

Today ended our eighth tournament called “The Battle Begins”. We organize our tournaments to maintain the activity of a small and friendly MTA racing community.

During these two days, 32 teams of 64 players figured out the best pair of the tournament by the 2х2х2х2 system. We were witnesses of a bright, beautiful moments and embarrassing disappointments. I wanna say thank to all the players who were able to attend this event, I hope it will stay in your mind as a nice event with very interesting battles.

The winners:

1st place Speedhunters ([AFE]Aveng3r + [SGA]Burn + [AFE]Caddy)

2nd place McFly (IDC.FeNsTeR + TC|McLareN + [SGA]H!J@CK)

3rd place crackhaus ('TC|BladeForNipples + 'TC|Viper)

4th place 5% Racing (IDC.D4vy + =FoX=FuZ)

Special thanks to lukum, this guy helps me to realize ideas for tournaments.
The next tournament is starting in November and this one will be Captain’s Cup 2016. With the best wishes, your [LSR]GARIK08
Views: 164 | Added: GARIK08 | Дата: 29.08.2016

Hello everyone! Racing team Legal Street Racers presents to your attention our seventh tournament in MTA called “The Battle Begins”. In this tournament you together with your teammate is gonna struggle with other racers according to the system 2x2x2x2.


Your team which is consists of two players is gonna struggle with other racers according the system 2x2x2x2. Thirty two teams will be randomly divided in 8 groups of 4 teams, for each run players get the points; first two teams, that will score more points, will pass to the following round. Each round consists of 5 maps and 8 maps for the final round.

Multiplayer: Multi Theft Auto 1.5.2 (MTA)
Ghostmode: ON
Registration: it will be opened on August 15, 2016 and closed on August 25, 2016
All the maps will be unknown so that you won’t be able to train them.
Limit: 32 players + reserve players
Saturday: 27.08.2016 – 16:00 CET (1 Round)
Sunday 28.08.2016 – 16:00 CET (Quarterfinal, Semifinal, Final)
1.    Forbidden: cheats, trainers, modes and all the programs that will give you an advantage.
2.    Ping limit: 350
3.    FPS limit: 50
4.    For unsportsmanlike behavior (a mat, insults, threats, flood, inadequate behavior) the team will be disqualified;
5.    Fake players are not allowed (Disqualification)
6.    If the player of your team has Timeout (Connection loss) during the first 10 seconds of race, then referee will force the pause and the race will be continued after the reconnect;
If Timeout (Connection loss) happens after 15 seconds – race continues.
7.    Matches are played strictly according to the schedule!
8.    It is forbidden to register more than 12 players from one clan (8 main players + 4 reserve players)

Schedule | F.A.Q. | Registation | Discussion 
Views: 497 | Added: GARIK08 | Дата: 15.08.2016

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