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Tuesday | 23.05.2017 | 23:41


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Hello my favorite LSR niggas! I would like to sum up the beginning of the year for our team.
After Sharingan appointment to the role of the team leader, he decided to leave us. I am grateful  for  contribution which you put in preparation and holding of the Captain's Cup 2016.
For some reason, most players of the our team refused to play after, I'm gone to inactive.
But friends, that prevents you from actively engaged team and will lead it to victory? After all, the team is not one person. And even if the note is the fact, that we play on public servers rarely, our team is always going to and takes active part in  tournaments! So think,  whether you want to watch the matches in specs or do you want to play in our team?
I want to mention all our active players! Shift and Ken. i am glad to see you for a long time. Your contribution is invaluable. Omega - you became a very stable player, I hope you bring yet  a lot more points  of our team. Caddy - I think you did conclude about the activity of the teams in the MTA, and our team about too. Bruna - I love you syka blyad !!!
This weekend was held the tournament from IDC team, we played 4 matches. In the group stage we lose the SGA and IDC, LSR 302-409 SGA, LSR 310-351 IDC, and LSR 361-296 cL. In the match for fifth place, we have won
LSR 414-285 FoX . From us at the tournament played GARIK08, ShIfT_32, KeNwOOD, Omega, Caddy, I want to say thank you to all of you, I hope you will be able to attend future events in the world of MTA Race.
I want to say to all active similar players in the MTA's! Pay attention to our team, do you think is fun to play for a strong teams  which always win? No! It is interesting to play for an average team, and give battle the strongest teams. I think + 1 good player, and we will be able to fight against strong teams.
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FFS Gaming reserves the rights to change the rules but is obliged to inform participants about any change happening to the rule book.

• Everyone is able to participate with an exception for Twisted Gamers (-|TG|-) members.
• If you miss your game without notifying anyone from the event staff you might be disqualified.
• Insulting, provoking and speech of hate forbidden.
• flooding the chat with meaningless characters and binds disallowed.
• Cheating if forbidden.
• Shortcuts allowed.
• Mods that change vehicles' handling forbidden.
• If someone times out up to 10 seconds after the map started we redo the map.
• If someone times out after 10 or more seconds elapsed we carry on playing.
• 50 fps.
• 10 maps, 10 rounds.
• race delay indicator, one spawn, auto pimp disabled, speedometer, nos-nfs included.

About the tournament

Each match 24 players face each other in an individual clash to fight for points in their league and become the first FFS RGP champions by accumulating the highest amount of championship points at the end of the season. 4 leagues, 96 competitors, are you fast enough to win? 

• Some changes my apply to the tournament format before the kick off but we will inform the participants about anything that will be affected by changes.


Q: How many players can participate?
A: Up to 192 players split into 8 qualification groups of 24 players in each

Q: How does the tournament look like?
A: This tournament is split into 2 weeks of qualifications and 6 weeks of an actual tournament. 96 players qualify further and are placed in 4 leagues based on their qualifications performance.

Q: What are the leagues?
A: Leagues were created to give equal opportunities to as many players possible. There are 4 leagues named from the best to the worst: Championship League, Challenger League, League 1, League 2. There are 24 players in each league.

Q: How are the players put into groups?
A: We will try to achieve some kind of balance while setting the groups up. Players that are known for their skills, took part in many clan wars, Tarin's previous tournaments and other well known race tournaments will be seeded and put into the groups in a way to achieve the best possible balance. Other players will be drafted randomly from the lowest seed.

Q: How to qualify to the main part of the tournament?
1 - 3 places from each group qualify to Championship League
4 - 6 places from each group qualify to Challenger League
7 - 9 places from each group qualify to League 1
10 - 12 places from each group qualify to League 2

Q: What is the map list?
A: We will pick 10 maps each stage of the tournament (2 weeks of qualifications is 1 stage and each week of Grand Prix(GP) are separate stages. Although we will keep about 3-5 maps the same from the previous stage (example: if a map named Drift was picked for qualifications there is a chance it will be in the map list for the next stage). Also we will try to achieve the balance of vehicles each round so there is a variety of cars used so it doesn't go repetetive.

Q: What is the points system?
A: There are two point systems occuring in this tournament: points in the game and points in the league table. For the game points we are using classic race system (15, 13, 11, 9, 7, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and 0 onwards) and for the table standinds we are using Formula 1 system (25, 18, 15, 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2, 1). 
Simulated Example:
The 1st game of the first Grand Prix stage ends and the results are:

1st Tarin 150 points
2nd WW 130 points
3rd Tails 110 points
4th Darmos 90 points
5th Ronaldo 70 points

Tarin wins the game therefore he has 25 points in the standings followed by WW who was second and now has 18 points. If Tarin wins his league again next week he will be having 50 points all together.

Q: What if a player skips his match?
A: No matter if you justify your absence or not you will be classified as DNS (Did Not Show) and you won't get any points for the match.
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Dear friends! I would like to sum up the racing season for our team. In May this year, I wanted to close the team and left LSR. It was worst mistake ever. Fortunately I was able to come to their senses in time and go back. For a couple of months, I was able to type some teammates, we performed well for the Captain's Cup 2016. After losing  AFE and SGA in a group stage, we were able to overcome FoX first-round losers. I want to thank my players: KeNwOOD, Sharingan, Caddy, Omega and the Rome, you're the best, the atmosphere in the team chat was fantastic, and I enjoyed the game! Our brother ShIfT_32 soon return and we will play games with other teams again.
Team kicked: Magik, Scorpion, Breezy, Giza, Mr.Freak, Astur. I took this decision because of your activity, the lack of desire to play games and train maps.
Views: 356 | Added: GARIK08 | Дата: 03.12.2016

Dear friends! This Sunday ended Captain's Cup 2016, and I want to express my gratitude to all the participants of my tournament. In the absence of the eight teams I was forced to change the format of the matches, and made the group stage. In my opinion, group stage gave the Cup in this year's special interest. Each team will play at least 3 matches and only one team could not win no one matches. MTA Racing community for a long time will remember the incredible confrontation AFE and SGA, crazy comeback SGA in the final of the winners and a great game AFE in the final confrontation. I hope you all enjoyed the cup this year, and even the emotion of the matches had gone, I still want to ask you to express the memories of good things, express all complaints, comments and suggestions. Express your opinion about maps and adding time to the Draft Stage. Unfortunately, this year decided to skip the tournament teams such as SiK and the SKC, as well as some other groups. Friends, why play MTA Race, if you miss the main event of the year? Next year I will organize the cup again, then I look forward to the participation of your teams!

Closer to December we will calculate statistics of each player and determine the top 3 best.
Views: 347 | Added: GARIK08 | Дата: 23.11.2016

Good afternoon, everyone! Racing team Legal Street Racers wants to pay your attention to our 8th tournament entitled “Captain's Cup”, where we will glad to see the best race teams from “Multi Theft Auto” such as: SGA, SiK, FoX, AFE, IDC, TC. The last slots will be played in public qualifications, participation in which can take any team. In the main stage of the tournament will participate only 8 teams.

You can’t get known which maps your opponents will choose, you can only try to guess. Teams will pick and ban 5 maps every match from the list of 101 maps. This year we are adding an important innovation, and now each team has 450 (7:30 min) seconds to pick and ban maps.

Description of the tournament:
Open Qualification:
All the registered teams except invited collectives gonna fight for the right to play in the main event. The scheme of qualification will be created based on the number of participating teams. 3-5 teams - group stage, in case of registering more teams there is another scenario of qualifications.

Main Event:
8 Teams randomly split into 4 pairs of 2 teams, the winning team goes further among the winner bracket, the losing side falls into the losers bracket and plays match play/off. Thus, if your team lose one match at the tournament – it will continue to participate. The loss of 2 matches means that your teams is eliminated. Totally the tournament will consist of 14 matches: 5v5.

Multiplayer: Multi Theft Auto 1.5.1 (MTA)
Registration is opened November 1,2016, and will close November 8, 2016
Script: Captain’s Mode 3.0

Open Qualifications:
12 November, Saturday
13 November, Sunday
Main Event:
19 November, Saturday (Quarterfinals, Semifinals, Winner’s Final) [7 Matches]
20 November, Sunday (Losers Round 1, Losers Round 2, Losers Round 3, Losers Final, Grand Final) [7 Matches]


19 November, Saturday:
Quarterfinals A – 15:00
Quarterfinals B – 16:10
Quarterfinals C – 17:10
Quarterfinals D – 18:20

Semifinals A – 19:20 (Winners of A and (( B )
Semifinals B – 20:30 (Winners of C and D)

Winner’s Final - 21:30 (Match for getting into the main tournament final)

20 November, Sunday:
Losers Round 1(A) – 15:00 (Loser team of A and B )
Losers Round 1(( B ) – 16:10 (Loser team of C and D)

Losers Round 2(A) – 17:10 (Winner Losers Round 1(A) vs Loser Semifinal (( B )
Losers Round 2(A) – 18:20 (Winner Losers Round 1( B ) ) vs Loser Semifinal A)

Losers Round 3 – 19:20 (Winner LR2(A) vs Winner LR2( B )

Losers Final – 20:30 (Loser Winner’s Final vs Winner Losers Round 3)

Grand Final – 21:30 (Winner Winner’s Final vs Winner Losers Final)

The server of the tournament:

Tournament rules:
Show unsportsmanlike behaviour (cursing, insults, threats, flood, abnormal behavior) the team will be disqualificated;
Fake the team players (punishment: disqualification;
Use: cheats, trainers, mods, and any programs that give you an advantage below others (punishment: disqualification);

Connection problems:
If a player on your team lose the connection (Timeout) during the first 12 seconds of the race, pause is allowed and the race will be restarted after rejoining the player to the server.
If Timeout (connection Loss) happens after 12 seconds – the race is going on.

Matches are playing according to the schedule, but it is possible to re-schedule the match to another time by agreement of both teams and then you must tell your decision to the organization.
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